Slick Line/Wire Line

Titan Oil Field Services is an expert in providing Slickline and Wireline intervention services for open and cased holes. We maintain a fleet of trucks and trailers that are capable of handling everything from perforating to fiber optic video surveys.


Capabilities and applications:

  • titan all in one truckBraided line
  • Electric line
  • Well integrity services
  • Well intervention services
  • Camera and video
  • Fishing services
  • Perforating services
  • Tubing cuts and punches
  • Well abandonment services
  • Well thickness surveys
  • Fiber optic surveys
  • Production logging
  • Noise Logging


We have several hydraulic driven Slickline and Wireline trucks and trailers available for all of your well intervention needs. All of our units are rented with a highly trained operator.


Units available include:

Slick-Line/Wireline Truck:

titan fiberoptic truck

  • Including a wide range of wireline tools for well intervention, reservoir evaluation, workover operations, and pipe recovery.
  • Slick Line
  • Electric Line
  • Braided Line/Fishing
  • Capillary Tubing
  • Fiber Optic DTS Surveys
  • Pressure/Temp/CCL Surveys

All in One Combo Truck or Trailers:

  • titan all in one truckSlick-line set and retrieve tubing plugs and conduct all normal slick-line operations
  • Back Pressure Valves/2-Way Check Valve lube these in to your tubing hanger using a 5,000psi lubricator system
  • Hydraulic Wrenches torque down your wellhead/BOP bolts to spec with 10,000psi/7,000ft/lbs to torque wrenches
  • Pressure Testing BOP’s/Well Heads

Fiber Optic Unit Truck: (Rated to 600 degrees F)

  • For fibetitan wireline truckr optic surveys, splicing, installation and fiber preparation applications.
  • Down Hole Temp Surveys
  • Extended Hangs During Steam/Water Injection
  • Quick Survey with the Fiber will get you a Profile of the Entire Well in one Shot


Visit our Slickline/Wireline website for more information, or call Titan at 661 – 589 – 3055.